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VoIP Phone Solutions

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. At its most basic, VoIP is simply a method for transmitting voice calls over a packet-based data network like the Internet. VoIP is a major game-changer in human communications because it uses data networks rather than physical wire to transmit voice data from one device to another.

Why choose a VoIP Business Phone System? 

Unlike an analog or digital phone system that requires direct cabling to each work station, a VoIP business phone system runs on your office’s main Ethernet network or LAN (local area network). That means you can easily add new phones and extensions without physical cabling, take your office calls from your mobile device or home office phone, and integrate with other applications like CRM or Microsoft Outlook.

Why choose DIS Technologies?

With best of breed hosted and on-premises VoIP solutions, DIS Technologies can help you choose the VoIP system that best suits your unique needs and budget. DIS is uniquely positioned to provide you with the expertise to design and install a VoIP phone solution that will provide you "Effortless Communication”.

VoIP Phone Solutions
Our systems support both analog and VoIP phones - in any combination. That means you can adapt new technology all at once, or build up gradually. Either way, you have entered into the world of effortless communication.
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