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Montana IT Services


Our team of expert technicians can be your off-site Server Support team.

From setup and configuration to support and troubleshooting, we can assist you in all your business server needs. Avoid problems when there is a high level of server traffic or when you need faster access to business data. Make sure that your server is at its optimal performance.

We help ensure that your servers are running without problems, and when an issue does happen, we take ourselves accountable for its fast solution.

Server Support from DIS Technologies helps you:
  • Reduce costs - minimize upfront capital expenditures and hosting space costs

  • Improve productivity - using built-in hardware and software that meets your needs

  • Scalable - server support that grows with your business

  • Worry less - even if your server does go down, we have your back

  • Increase security - we’ll ensure your server, data and applications are more secure

Server Support
Let us set up and provide ongoing maintenance for your servers.
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