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Are Passkeys more secure than passwords?

Passwords are often easy to guess or steal. Also, many people use the same password across several accounts. This makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

In recent years a better solution has emerged - passkeys. Passkeys generate a unique code for each login attempt and the code is validated before granting access. The code is created using a combination of information about the user and the device used to log in.

Advantages of passkeys over passwords include:

  • They are more difficult to hack.

  • Currently you may need to remember a lot of complex passwords. Passkeys erase this problem by providing a single code used across all your accounts. This makes logging in to your accounts much easier. It also reduces the likelihood of forgetting or misplacing a password.

  • Credential phishing scams are prevalent. Scammers send emails telling users something is wrong with their account. They click on a link that takes them to a disguised login page created to steal their username and password. With passkeys, even if a hacker had your credentials, they would still need the passkey device to breach your account.

Article used with permission from The Technology Press.

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