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Mobile Phone

Those doorbell cameras are all the rage. Neighbors eagerly post camera images warning others that a salesperson is making their way around the neighborhood. Prices for home security systems have dropped and it’s never been so cheap and easy to see who’s knocking at your door. But did you stop to think who is watching you?

Horror stories abound about these DIY security cams. Stories about creeps talking to children.

Smarter creeps spy on you silently and steal data. The problem is that these systems aren’t as DIY as we’re led to believe. Most consumers don’t know how to secure them properly. They leave usernames and passwords at defaults. Or if they do manage to change the password, it’s something easy. Easy-to-remember often means easy-to-hack. Don’t make those mistakes.

Here are some tips to keep the hackers out of your security system:

  • Secure Your Router: Change the Default Username & Password

  • Ensure the System Uses SSL/TLS

  • Keep the Software Updated

  • Consider Access Levels for Multiple Users

  • Enable Camera Security Features

  • Make Sure Your Mobile Device is Secure

By taking these precautions, you can help protect your privacy. As always, if you need any help with your tech needs, contact us.

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