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ChatGPT is showing up in more business tools every day and revolutionizing the way organizations interact with their customers. It has also affected how they get things done. Teams are using it for everything from emails to generating ideas for product names. Have you considered integrating ChatGPT into your business?

Before you do, check out these practices for using ChatGPT in your business.

  1. ChatGPT is very new technology, and it makes mistakes. Carefully review its responses to ensure the output meets your needs.

  2. It is crucial to have human oversight to ensure the output it gives is relevant and accurate.

  3. Before integrating ChatGPT into your organization, determine exactly which tasks your organization approves for ChatGPT use and which it does not. This empowers your team to use it when possible and avoids improper use.

  4. Be transparent with your customers if you’re using ChatGPT for email responses or other things. Responsible companies tell their customers exactly where and how they are using it.

Need help navigating the changing technology landscape? Give us a call today to schedule a chat about AI, where to leverage it, and business concerns.

Article used with permission from The Technology Press.


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