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Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system (OS) over a year ago. This new version offers enhancements over the older version. If you have recently upgraded to Windows 11 or are taking a wait-and-see stance, check out the new productivity and security features that Windows 11 offers.

  • Snap Layouts - This feature allows you to arrange multiple windows quickly and easily.

  • Master Search - Use this to find documents, websites, images, or apps quickly.

  • Clipchamp Video Editor - This video editing app features templates, effects, video resizing, green screen, and more.

  • Microsoft Teams - Teams is preinstalled and includes video calls, audio calls, and SMS texting from your desktop.

  • Accessibility Features - Four new accessibility features include system-wide live captions, focus sessions, voice access, and a built-in screen reader.

  • Collections in Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows and it includes a “collections” feature for webpages.

  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen - This app checks URLs in real time to protect from phishing sites.

It can be intimidating to upgrade your system’s operating system. Why not get a pro to help? If you would like to learn more or to upgrade to Windows 11, give us a call.


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