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Thank you DIS for being there at the critical moments. We know that you always have our backs with our technology.  Josh D. is on it every time we call.  We appreciate the great customer service!

Nichol Scribner
Clerk & Recorder/Treasurer
Sanders County MT
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I was totally impressed and happy with the service I got from Jake and Erin! I called and was immediately helped with monitor issues. The town will be buying computer equipment from DIS Technologies and will continue using them for support. Thank you so much for your help!

Shawn Mitchell
Town of Hysham MT
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Beaverhead County logo

I have had the pleasure of being assisted by several of your IT people and have never been disappointed. Lisa is kind of my "go to" girl and we always get my problems solved along with a laugh or two!

I highly recommend DIS Technologies for your computer needs. They haven't let us down yet!

Cindy Decker
County Commissioner’s Assistant
Beaverhead County
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Service with the DIS techs is always prompt and friendly. The techs are always happy to help with the smallest, 'dumbest' questions, and the problems are dealt with quickly and fully. We here at the library are very happy with DIS' service.

Mineral County
Guna Chaberek
Mineral County Public Library
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One of Montana's largest healthcare organizations, St. Vincent serves over 400,000 people in a four-state region. The number of medical records generated annually is staggering.

Carol Turbes, Director of Health Information Management (Medical Records) for St. Vincent Healthcare, has chosen to work with Gary Habel and DIS for over 15 years. DIS helped the group transition to electronic content management, and continues to assist them address the backlog of records that need scanning. They also handle document destruction once all data has been captured.

"It's such a benefit to the staff to be able to find a record with the click of a button rather than to go hunt down the paper," she said. "We can protect the files more because we don't have that paper floating around."

And that's not the only benefit to St. Vincent.

"We don't have room for paper files, but we have to keep them in some kind of format for 30 years," Turbes noted. Putting the records into an electronic format allows them to be kept secure and easily accessible, and it conforms with all compliance regulations.

"[DIS] is wonderful to work with," Turbes said. "They're always professional always helpful. I just can't say enough good things about them."


DIS Provided St. Vincent Healthcare:


Software: PaperVision™, PaperFlow™ ECM capture and content management systems, Data Transfer Manager


Hardware: Document Scanners


Services: Installation and training; off-site scanning and document destruction; ongoing service and support.

SCL Health St. Vincent logo
St. Vincent Healthcare, Billings, MT
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DIS did a thorough, professional job. Camera selection and placement planning was excellent, and the installers did a very nice job. They were very good about communicating and checking that we were satisfied with the views before finishing.


When we experienced a problem with one of our cameras, DIS made the decision to replace both cameras of that model without prompting from us.


Finally, DIS worked with us to build an expandable system which fit within our current budget. It can be hard to come up with enough money to build out a complete system at once; they provided us with options and phasing, so we could get our system up and running as quickly as possible, while not wasting money if we decide to add more coverage areas later on.


I would absolutely recommend them for similar projects in the future.

Mike Lilley
Mullan Owner’s Association
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Roger Daniel

DIS has been our trusted technology company for 16 years. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and easy to do business with, Technology is moving at a rapid pace and DIS has always been ahead of the curve and able to assist with any technology need we have. DIS handles the purchasing and networking of our company computers, firewall, antivirus, speed issues, whole disk encryption, phones, and more. They are remarkable to work with and we are very happy with their delivery of services.

Roger Daniel
Roger L. Daniel Insurance Agency
West Yellowstone Logo

I don't know how we could have gotten to where we are today without the help of DIS Technologies! From the first time I was introduced to this company something about them stood out. When we were ready to update our entire operating system, our CAD/RMS, and Video Monitoring system, I knew they were the company I wanted to do the job. I was pleased with their enthusiasm and willingness to work with/for us. They made the installation painless, and every step of the way since has been the same. The helpdesk is always ready and questions are all always answered. Their vast knowledge of the equipment as well as standards has proven invaluable. Thank you so much for all you have done, and all that you continue to do for us! I would recommend you all time and time again!

Brenda Martin
9-1-1 Dispatch Manager
West Yellowstone Police Department, West Yellowstone MT
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Our county recently made a huge change to our computers & IT and decided to go with DIS Technologies. We could not be happier with that switch! Their IT Dept. is very professional when working with us, but yet don't talk over our heads when we do have questions. Service is prompt when you either call or email questions. When they switched our server out with the new one, I'll admit, we were all nervous about all the logistics that are involved and complications that come with it. So far, we didn't lose any production time or information. Our county feels very confident with DIS leading the way in protecting our technology and information. We would highly recommend you give them a chance to take care of your technology needs.

Petroleum County Montana
Janel Tucek
Clerk and Recorder, Clerk of District Court, Election Administrator
Petroleum County MT
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Powell County Montana

The staff at DIS is all top-notch! Everyone is always more than helpful. I love working with Josh Drinville. He had my request completed immediately upon receipt of my email--can't ask for faster service than that. Josh is always so patient and helpful he is a great asset for the company.

Sheila Finco
IT Manager
Powell County MT
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Sanders County

I love DIS! We have had such great customer service since we went with DIS. No problem is too small, which makes the company so wonderful to deal with. I have had many opportunities to engage with the techs, and they have all been super. Thanks, DIS!

Kathy Conlin
Commissioner’s Administrative Assistant
Sanders County MT
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I just wanted to give a shout out to the staff at DIS. My County recently hired DIS to provide complete IT support for all the computer and server needs at the Petroleum County courthouse. We couldn't be happier. DIS worked with us every step of the way and also worked with our accounting software provider to help get our new server and workstations up and running quickly and with not alot of down time what so ever. It's been a real blessing to have DIS always there to help us out. Their tech support team and help desk is almost instant and every issue that comes up it resolved within minutes. They came and installed all our work stations and then have been there for us to customize each station to every employees needs. That kind of support is awesome and the fact that it is a MT based company is also great. Way to go DIS. Your service is worth every penny.

Petroleum County Montana
Bill Cassell
County Manager/Sheriff/DES Coordinator
Petroleum County MT
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DIS Technologies handles all of our IT needs, problems and issues, going above and beyond helping even when it is a service they don’t normally provide. They respond very quickly to our questions and are very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. They are very patient and understanding with our IT issues.

Big Horn County
Dulcie Bear Don't Walk
Elections Administrator
Big Horn County MT
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Garrett did such a great job. He was very thoughtful and knowledgeable in helping me! My previous IT provider was not able to resolve my computer issue but Garrett was able to fix the problem in about 15 minutes. He made sure all the problems were resolved and he thought ahead to what else I may need. I really appreciate DIS!

Suzanne Trower
Snelling Employment Services
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Toole County

Jocelin has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the last few years. Every question or need that I had she was right there with an easy explanation answer and if she could not answer Jocelin immediately went to someone that could get me the answer.

The needs of our office were quite small compared to other services DIS does for other companies, but you never felt like your business didn't matter and that is always nice.

Toni Moore
Clerk & Recorder's Office
Toole County MT
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I had an excellent experience working with Erin this morning, October 24, 2017. I didn't understand our programmable phone process and she walked me through each step, stopping to re-word instructions when I didn't understand, and brought the project to a good conclusion. She provided a friendly and efficient experience and even sent me extra information for our phone service that I hadn't thought about. That was a bonus and, indeed, makes my phone experiences more timely.

It is a pleasure working with Erin and your staff. I've made other calls to DIS and all projects have been handled in a friendly, efficient manner - each time bringing the project to a good conclusion. Working with your staff brings positive energy to my work day. Thank you!

Mineral County logo
Shirley Iwata
Crime Victim Advocate
Mineral County
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Health Management Services, LLC.

The DIS team was amazing to work with! I have a new construction project on an assisted living facility in Wyoming and wanted a camera set up to provide a live feed of the construction to post on our website and to use as a marketing tool. Matt was flexible with my schedule and he knew exactly what I needed, even when I didn’t always know what I needed. Matt walked me through the process, including providing the exact information required by my internet provider. I would highly recommend DIS Technologies for your security camera system!

Kelli Rogge
Health Management Services, LLC
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Sweet Grass County Logo

Sweet Grass County has recently had the pleasure of working with DIS Technologies, over the last year, while upgrading our computer system. The staff at DIS are very knowledgeable, kind, and great to work with. We feel confident with our secure and CJIS compliant network for our upcoming FBI CJIS Security Audit. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for CJIS compliant IT support.

Brooke Osen
911 Coordinator
Sweet Grass County
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Just wanted to drop friendly kudos to DIS for, as always, a job well done. I started here in Golden Valley Co. Sheriff’s Office, two years ago as Sheriff/Coroner. When I took over, anytime I had issues, CJ and the rest of the staff were always able to find solutions in a timely and professional manner. DIS is always easy to work with, with a special shout out to CJ and Erin who have helped me immensely over the last two years. It is a great feeling knowing I can call and within a short time, problems are resolved.

Robert Pallas
Golden Valley County MT Sheriff
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Thank you DIS. You are worth every penny!

Blanche McClure
Clerk & Recorder
Granite County MT
Granite County
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Thank you to ALL of you at DIS Technologies. Your staff is always so helpful!

Mineral County
Candis Hampton
Administrative Assistant
Mineral County Environmental Health and Planning
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I have always enjoyed working with DIS. Each of the staff is friendly and professional and easy to work with. Any time I call with issues that I need taken care of as soon as possible, they are quick to assist me and never make me feel as if I am a burden. Since we have been working with DIS, I know they have our best interests in mind. When there is a question about which direction to go, I know I can trust their suggestions. I would highly recommend their IT services.

Mineral County
Adam Cole,
Probation & Pre-Trial Supervision Officer
Mineral County MT
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Wheatland County logo

I would highly recommend DIS. The techs have been amazing in working with us with the installation of new towers and a new server. They are professional and we have no complaints. They've returned my calls and worked through the software issues that have popped up in a more than timely manner. I enjoy working with DIS - they are always accommodating and answer questions as they come up in a manner in which I can understand.

Jamie Sanguins
911 Dispatch Supervisor
Wheatland County Montana
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Sanders County

With DIS you get more for your money in that their customer service is stellar and they are always accessible. And, they work on things until the customer is satisfied!

Lori Methgen
Sanders County MT
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I am writing to say how thankful I am for the superb customer service and technical guidance your staff has given me personally during our County’s change to DIS. John resolved the Outlook problems I’ve had from years before. I had PST transfer issues that John was able to find and restore. I had trouble getting Outlook 360 into my pad for mobile email monitoring. And there’s more… Every issue was addressed and fixed with professionalism and courtesy.

From the perspective of a County Commissioner, I want to also thank you and your staff. Despite issues out of your control, you have been honest, forth-coming, professional and knowledgeable. Change can be hard, but you and your team made this change relatively easy. Overall, a vast majority have voiced they are pleased with your staff, the change-over and the IT support they have received so far.

I am happy to refer fellow commissioners, counties and individuals to DIS! Thanks for everything!

Broadwater County
Laura Obert
Broadwater County Commissioner
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Custer County

DIS is super easy to work with compared to our past IT experiences. I have had them do special projects for us that I wouldn’t attempt to ask our prior people for. The staff is professional and helpful, whether they are onsite or on the telephone. It makes it nice to not dread the telephone call. We are super happy with everything we have had DIS do for us. The DIS staff are very knowledgeable and are very willing to help with whatever needs we have

Linda Corbett
Clerk & Recorder,
Custer County Montana
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Over the years I have dealt with more than a few IT support companies and was extremely skeptical about DIS due to past experience. Since DIS has become our provider everything has changed. FINALLY, an IT service company that does the following: First and foremost, the DIS team does what they say they will do. They always follow through. The techs are smart, kind and eager to help, not to mention the patience they have with all of us. The advice given by Garrett is good sound advice that makes sense, not just for the moment but for the future. DIS has gone above and beyond to provide Mineral County with excellent service that is far above any other IT service I have experienced to date. I am 100% satisfied with the service provided by DIS. DIS has been extremely patient with us and I can’t think of anything they could have done or could do differently for Mineral County.

The only other comment that I have is that the above is my honest opinion and every concern I had has been totally addressed. I trust Garrett, Josh, Lisa, Nathan and C.J. completely. Erin is a delight in every way. Thank you for providing excellent service to Mineral County.

Mineral County Montana
Cindy Grimm
Executive Assistant to the Commissioners,
Mineral County Montana
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Empire Steel MFG Co.

I'm SO glad I finally ditched my old computer "experts" and hired DIS Technologies. Wow, what a difference in service! Now our computers work the way they're supposed to and we aren't constantly plagued by frustrating problems. I highly recommend you call DIS today!

Christie Lausch
Empire Steel Mfg, Billings, MT
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Sheryl Wood

The service is exceptional and the staff is always friendly, accommodating and very patient. We have never regretted having DIS Technologies take over our IT Support and Services.. It’s one of the best decisions we ever made and the money is well spent, as it eliminates staff frustrations of being down or having problems due to waiting for someone in-house to be able to respond. DIS responds immediately to correct any and all problems. Keep up the great work!!!

Sheryl Wood
Associate Director
Montana Association of Counties (MACo), Helena, MT
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Ruth Baker

"DIS is always ready to help with our tech problems and when we need assistance on our network. We purchased computers from DIS and their service has been complete and always friendly and of the best quality. We recommend DIS to anyone asking for tech support or computer purchases."

Ruth Baker
Clerk & Recorder/Clerk of District Court
Treasure County, Hysham, MT
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It is so pleasant to have a system that is logical and well-engineered. It is also so good to have a network engineer who responds quickly to our problems without a huge drama! Our staff is a cooperative and everyone has benefited from the flexibility and reliability of our DIS administered system. DIS has helped us release significantly more time to assist and problem solve for our patrons. The network has become a reliable tool not an albatross. It is the difference between night and day for everyone Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Big Horn County logo
Eric G. Halverson
Big Horn County Public Library, Hardin, MT
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DIS was definitely the right decision for us at HRDC. It’s really nice to have people who know what they’re doing!

Gillian Brown
Executive Director
HRDC 6, Lewistown, MT
HRDC District 6 logo
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Mary Lu Berry

DIS has been our saving grace. We are very pleased with all of their help and feel relief at knowing everything is backed up off site. Thank you so much for all you have done and are continuing to do.

Mary Lu Berry
Clerk & Recorder
Golden Valley County, Ryegate, MT
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Miles City Water Tower

The City of Miles City has contracted with DIS Technologies for a year and a half. Before their services, the City Server was not backing up. No one was monitoring the process, so it had not backed up for months. Anytime we need a computer upgraded or worked on, they net-op in and assist us or they just do it for us.

Last year during the budget process, my computer stopped working. I received a computer within two days, Garret did a net-op on my new computer and had my old information and files on the new computer within a day. That is the best turn-around I have ever had for a crashed hard drive.

When City Hall was having a new heating/air conditioning unit installed, DIS called and said the server was warning them that the server temperature was close to freezing. They called us and we discovered the contractors were leaving the door close to the server room open causing the temperature to drop. We asked them to close the door as they came and went and problem solved.

The City has a staff of about 80 and probably half of us rely on DIS for monitoring back-up and trouble shooting for us. The Auditors no longer find exception with the City concerning off-site storage of information. The Resolutions and Ordinances are available for the Public to review with City Silo.

DIS comes with a high recommendation from the City of Miles City and myself, Becky Stanton, City Clerk. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Becky Stanton
City Clerk
City of Miles City, Miles City, MT
Roger Daniel

There are few things in life more frustrating than computer problems-especially when you need to access pertinent client information at a moment's notice.

"My computer wouldn't work when I would come into the office," said Roger Daniel. "I would have to start it, then restart it over and over."

Daniel, who had worked with the DIS team on other matters, gave them a call. To his surprise, they were able to access his computer remotely, found the problem and repaired it-all within minutes.

"My computer has worked well ever since," he reported. "They're good folks-very nice, intelligent and easy to work with. I would definitely turn to them again."

DIS Provided Roger Daniel Insurance & Financial Services: System diagnosis and repair; antivirus solutions

Roger Daniel
Roger L. Daniel Insurance Agency
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When Joan Kruse's computer kept locking up, she feared the worst: a computer virus. She needed to act, and to act fast.

"Garrett was able [to fix my computer] in less than a day, and all remotely," she said. And that included, she noted, having to remove and completely reload all of her data.

And when it was time for Kruse to get a new computer, she knew exactly who to call. This time, DIS was able to quickly and remotely transfer all of her data and other files from her old computer to her new one. All, she said, at about a quarter of what she had been quoted by other IT companies.

"It's reassuring and relaxing to know that if I have a computer problem," Kruse said, "I can call [DIS] for help. I will definitely work with them in the future."

DIS Provided Premier Properties: System diagnosis and repair; data transfer.

Premier Properties, Rapid City, SD
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Let's Work Together

DIS experts will optimize your IT infrastructure, ensuring nothing gets in the way of your business’s success.
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