St. Vincent Healthca

One of Montana's largest healthcare organizations, St. Vincent serves over 400,000 people in a four-state region. The number of medical records generated annually is staggering.

Carol Turbes, Director of Health Information Management (Medical Records) for St. Vincent Healthcare, has chosen to work with Gary Habel and DIS for over 15 years. DIS helped the group transition to electronic content management, and continues to assist them address the backlog of records that need scanning. They also handle document destruction once all data has been captured.

"It's such a benefit to the staff to be able to find a record with the click of a button rather than to go hunt down the paper," she said. "We can protect the files more because we don't have that paper floating around."

And that's not the only benefit to St. Vincent.

"We don't have room for paper files, but we have to keep them in some kind of format for 30 years," Turbes noted. Putting the records into an electronic format allows them to be kept secure and easily accessible, and it conforms with all compliance regulations.

"[DIS] is wonderful to work with," Turbes said. "They're always professional always helpful. I just can't say enough good things about them."

DIS Provided St. Vincent Healthcare:
Software: PaperVision™, PaperFlow™ ECM capture and content management systems, Data Transfer Manager

Hardware: Document Scanners

Services: Installation and training; off-site scanning and document destruction; ongoing service and support.

St. Vincent Healthcare, Billings, MT