Premier Properties,

When Joan Kruse's computer kept locking up, she feared the worst: a computer virus. She needed to act, and to act fast.

"Garrett was able [to fix my computer] in less than a day, and all remotely," she said. And that included, she noted, having to remove and completely reload all of her data.

And when it was time for Kruse to get a new computer, she knew exactly who to call. This time, DIS was able to quickly and remotely transfer all of her data and other files from her old computer to her new one. All, she said, at about a quarter of what she had been quoted by other IT companies.

"It's reassuring and relaxing to know that if I have a computer problem," Kruse said, "I can call [DIS] for help. I will definitely work with them in the future."

DIS Provided Premier Properties: System diagnosis and repair; data transfer.

Premier Properties, Rapid City, SD