I have worked with DIS Technologies since I arrived here at Billings Clinic four years ago. I would like you to know that I have been very impressed with your operations and your willingness to deliver the best customer service. I have always been extremely satisfied with your response times, attention to care and detail and your genuine concern for me as a client. Thank you!

I know that any of my staff of over 130 people can call DIS for support and they will get the help they need. I want to specifically address an example of excellent customer service that occurred recently. One of my staff members called for assistance on a Saturday morning. Your team responded to her concerns within seconds and she was able to complete her work.

Most people would be shocked with that level of commitment…from my perspective, that is the level of service we receive every day from DIS. Please know that I will highly recommend DIS Technologies to anyone without hesitation. I am very satisfied with the capabilities and responsibilities of the company and am exploring ways to expand our use of the services provided by DIS.

Please feel free to have anyone contact me directly for a reference if they want to learn more about an excellent partner.

Jeff Ogletree
Director of Patient Financial Services
Billings Clinic, Billings, MT