I just wanted to give a shout out to the staff at DIS. My County recently hired DIS to provide complete IT support for all the computer and server needs at the Petroleum County courthouse. We couldn't be happier. DIS worked with us every step of the way and also worked with our accounting software provider to help get our new server and workstations up and running quickly and with not alot of down time what so ever. It's been a real blessing to have DIS always there to help us out. Their tech support team and help desk is almost instant and every issue that comes up it resolved within minutes. They came and installed all our work stations and then have been there for us to customize each station to every employees needs. That kind of support is awesome and the fact that it is a MT based company is also great. Way to go DIS. Your service is worth every penny.

Bill Cassell
County Manager/Sheriff/DES Coordinator
Petroleum County MT