Becky Stanton

The City of Miles City has contracted with DIS Technologies for a year and a half. Before their services, the City Server was not backing up. No one was monitoring the process, so it had not backed up for months. Anytime we need a computer upgraded or worked on, they net-op in and assist us or they just do it for us.

Last year during the budget process, my computer stopped working. I received a computer within two days, Garret did a net-op on my new computer and had my old information and files on the new computer within a day. That is the best turn-around I have ever had for a crashed hard drive.

When City Hall was having a new heating/air conditioning unit installed, DIS called and said the server was warning them that the server temperature was close to freezing. They called us and we discovered the contractors were leaving the door close to the server room open causing the temperature to drop. We asked them to close the door as they came and went and problem solved.

The City has a staff of about 80 and probably half of us rely on DIS for monitoring back-up and trouble shooting for us. The Auditors no longer find exception with the City concerning off-site storage of information. The Resolutions and Ordinances are available for the Public to review with City Silo.

DIS comes with a high recommendation from the City of Miles City and myself, Becky Stanton, City Clerk. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Becky Stanton
City Clerk
City of Miles City, Miles City, MT