!DIStress Button Software


Is there an area in your office or building where an isolated staff member may feel vulnerable and helpless? How do they request help without enraging an already angry visitor?

We are proud to announce our new DIStress Button. Our solution enables any staff member to discretely request help by simply pressing a button hidden under a counter or desk, by a mouse click or keyboard shortcut. Any number of people can be notified with a message on their computer screens, a sound, a text message or an email.

Not just for emergencies, the software can be used for weather alerts, customer service requests and any other type of notification within your organization.

DIStress Button features include:

  • Activates with only a mouse click, keyboard shortcut or hardware button attached to a PC
  • Very simple operation; takes less than a minute to show someone how to use it
  • Can be utilized for the smallest office or a staff of one hundred
  • Acknowledgements can be sent to the person who initiated the alert
  • Has multiple uses: use as a panic button, request for assistance, weather alert, etc.
  • Multiple buttons can be assigned to any user
  • Includes one USB wired button

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